Corporate Outings



Looking for a team building event or an off-sight activity??

Are you looking for a PGA professional to teach at your office or campus?

We offer both!

We offer a number of options:

1) A group golf clinic at the driving range.

A group golf clinic is usually 1 – 1 1/2 hours.  It allows all members of your group to receive golf instruction by a PGA member while hitting golf balls at the driving range. 

The group clinic usually begins with identifying members of the group who are advanced golfers.  The advanced golfers have the option of bypassing the golf basics instruction and start hitting golf balls.   Once the golf swing basics have been presented, all members can start hitting golf balls.  The instructor(s) will proceed to give individual feedback to all members.

After the range, we proceed to the putting green for a “team putting competition!”  We have a 9 hole putting course that 2 person teams can compete against each other for bragging rights!!

The golf clinics provide great instruction in a Fun and Relaxed environment.

These clinics have been very popular with our neighboring companies! 

We have handled groups of 10 all the way up to groups of 40!!!

2) “The Golf Experience”

We have had groups that really wanted to go on the golf course, but realized that having a lot of beginners on the golf course might be a challenge.

To those groups we have offered “The Golf Experience (GE).”

The GE starts with the group being broken into 2 or more groups.  One group gets full swing instruction at the driving range, a second group gets putting instruction and a third group would get short game instruction (chipping, pitching and sand bunker) at the short game area.  After a period of time, all groups switch until everybody has received the same level of instruction. 

Once the instruction is complete, we setup a “Driving Station” where members will get to tee it up and hit a driver onto the golf course.  We than proceed to the “Approach Shot Station” where everybody will get an opportunity to hit an 80-100 yard shot and try to land the ball on the green.  Thirdly, we head to the putting green for some putting competitions.

Needless to say, this package is quite popular!

The student gets “the golf experience” without actually going on the golf course!

Please call me directly at (650) 346-9235 or email ( pricing and more details.