My Gurus

“My Gurus” are the people I have had the great opportunity to learn from by attending their courses and seminars.

Through my interactions with them, I get smarter!  As a result, you learn better!

James Sieckmann


I attended James’ two day short game seminar at his home course in Omaha, Nebraska. The information I received from James during this seminar is probably the best information I have ever received in a seminar! My personal short game has gotten incredible after this seminar. Last year, I gave 2 short game schools and had over 70 students attend. To this day, I still receive emails saying how great the students short games got after receiving this information. I will be holding a few more short game schools in 2016. Please sign-up for my newsletter to learn of all new Shoreline Bill class offerings.

David Orr

I attended David’s “Flatstick Academy” Putting Certification Class in March 2016. David teaches many on the PGA Tour including Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan. I learned about David’s Putting template for putting success. I learned about using 3D for putting stroke analysis. Mostly, I learned about organization, planning, working towards goals.

Dr. Greg Rose

I attended the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certification classes with Greg and Dave Phillips, PGA. This two-day certification class covered how physical limitations can lead to poor golf swings. I learned to perform a 12 step physical screen of the student and in addition to making changes to a golf swing, provide an exercise plan to help improve the physical limitations.

Grant Waite and Joseph Mayo

K-Vest 3D Swing Analyzer

I have been to a few seminars presented by Grant and Joe. I learned about the “D” Plane and most importantly, got a wonderful education in how to use Trackman effectively! Who better to learn about Trackman than from the “Trackman Maestro!”

Dave Pelz

SAM Balance Lab

I was fortunate enough to attend a Dave Pelz seminar and learn his thoughts on the short game.

Dr. Young-Hoo Kwon, Chuck Evans, Chris Como, Don Parsons, John Dunigan, Dave Wedzik, Erik Barzeski

A visit to Texas Women’s University Golf Studio of Dr. Young-Hoo Kwon in Denton, TX. Lots of biomechanics speak that I didn’t understand at the time. Now, as I get smarter, it is starting to make perfect sense!  Also in attendance were some other smart guys!  Chris Como (Tiger Woods’ swing coach); Chuck Evans, Dave Wedzik and Erik Barzeski of #1 selling DVD series “5 Simple Keys;” John Dunnigan (Sean O’Hare’s coach), from the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, Don Parson’s and Mike McLaughlin.

Dr. Jim Suttie

I received LAWs Certification from Doc Suttie at his Naples, FL facility. Leverage, Arc and Width describe three different types of swings. Different swings work well with different body types.