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 “SHORELINE BILL” MYKYTKA (ma-kit-ka) is a PGA Class “A” Golf Professional, Trackman owner, Swing Catalyst owner, KVest owner, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Golf Fitness instructor, Purestrike 5SK Director of Instruction, Certified Flatstick Academy Putting Instructor and one of the few Trackman, Swing Catalyst and Certified K-Vest/4D Motion (3D Swing Analysis) Instructors in the Bay area.   Bill gets results for all levels of golfers!  One of his junior students won the California State Championship and placed 14th in the World Championship.
He has been a Golf Professional at Shoreline Golf Links in Mountain View, CA since April 2001.  He has personally learned from some of the best instructors in the world
Bill remains in touch with the top instructors in the world and remains up to date with the latest teaching methods and theories.  Whether you are a beginner or an elite golfer, Bill can help you improve!
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BUY MY VIDEO!  You can purchase my newly released golf instructional video “Shoreline Bill Golf – An Informal Discussion of the Golf Swing.”  This video is a compilation of the great knowledge I gained from taking lessons from some of the world’s greatest golf instructors.  This information helped me go from a 14 handicap to a PGA Instructor!  To purchase or watch the trailer, please click here.

If you are interested in any classes not listed, please send mail to: shorelinebill@hotmail.com an email if you are interested in joining one of these upcoming classes!

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Trackman/Kvest/Swing Catalyst

If you are a techy, I have technology which can quantitatively show what your club, body and forces are doing during the swing.  It also shows improvements you have made along the way!

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We are all different people with different bodies and different physical capabilities.  Teaching the same swing to everybody would be foolish.  You and I will find a swing that works for you!

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