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Welcome to Shoreline Bill Golf!


Shoreline Bill was voted one of the best golf instructors in the entire Bay area (by his wife!)

Bill has taught at Shoreline Golf Links since 2001.

He has learned from some of the world’s greatest golf instructors, many of whom he calls friends.  Bill is continuously attending seminars  and discussing the latest teaching theories with his golf instructor friends.

If you like technology, Bill owns Trackman, Swing Catalyst, 4D Motion and K-Vest.

Bill is very interested in helping you enjoy the game of golf to the best of your ability!

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Drop-in Classes:

Drop-in classes are offered every Tuesday (from 3:00pm to 4:00pm) and every Wednesday (from 4:00pm to 6:00pm).  Drop-in classes, as the name suggests, do not require you to make a reservation to attend.  You just show up at the Shoreline Golf Links driving range and “drop-in!”  It is that simple!  For $20, you get to hit lots of golf balls under the watchful eye of a PGA instructor, ME!!  If you are a beginner, intermediate, elite, or junior golfer or are in the market for a new golf instructor, the drop-in class is a wonderful way to meet me and see if my personality, teaching style and knowledge are what you are looking for in an instructor.  It is also just a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends or co-workers at the driving range!

Adult Classes:  (STARTING JUNE 9TH)

Adult Classes are offered throughout the year.

Beginner Level I classes are for students who have pretty much never held a golf club.  You learn how to hold the club properly, setup to hit the ball correctly and actually start hitting the ball on Day 1.  There are usually 4 classes each 90 minutes long in the Beginner Level I class.

Beginner the Next Level classes are for students who know how to hold the club.  They know how to setup to hit the ball.  These students need to fine tune their full swing.  These Next Level classes are intended to help students who are still entry level looking to improve their swing and get on the golf course.

If you are interested in attending one of the following Adult Classes, but the dates or times do not meet your schedule, please email me at and we can work something out!


2019 Upcoming Classes:

To learn about my upcoming classes, please click here.

  • Shoreline Bill Winter Club – starts in December goes until the end of March.  For details click here.
  • Adult Beginner’s Class – STARTS JUNE 9TH
  •  Short Game School – STARTS JUNE 9TH!
  • On-course instruction (on-going)
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Private Lessons
  • Group Lessons
  • and much, much more…..

What my students are saying:

“Bill:  After your lesson, I played the next day and tried to put into practice what you told me. And I was driving it 130 instead of 120 with some over 150. And I employed those tips also with use of my rescue club. I have been hitting that maybe 115. But yesterday I was routinely hitting it 20 yards longer.
Recently with my weak hitting, golf was not much fun for me.But you put the fun back into my golf game.  Thanks!”
 “Hey Bill,  Just got to say I’m thrilled that you get what I’m feeling. You articulated it perfectly.  Its been frustrating as hell that I can’t get my hips to fire w/o my shoulders, and you identified it so adeptly… really I’m thrilled (even if I can’t execute, I know I will have exercises/drills to work on). Thanks”


5.0 star rating 5/29/2015
Bill has vastly improved my golf game. He’s great at observing your swing and pinpointing things that need improvement. He’s got a wide array of drills and tips to help you improve. I’ve really enjoyed having him as an instructor.

Be patient with his drills cause they do pay off in the end. Also be patient because it seems like everyone walking by the golf range knows and loves Bill, and may stop to talk to him for a minute, right in the middle of your lesson 🙂 But Bill genuinely wants to help make you a better golfer. I’ve been a part of his drop-in class and group lessons for about three years now. Absolute beginner when I started. Still have a long way to go but Bill has helped me come a long way too.
5.0 star rating 4/18/2015
Bill is a fantastic teacher! He can spot where your swing has gone wrong and provide exercises and tips which will help you correct it. If you like the techie side, he can go into explaining the mechanics and what makes a good swing. He personally demos of how to do it correctly and how not to. He also uses all sorts of “training aides” to help you get the feel of what he is talking about. Besides all of this, Bill is really nice and sincerely wants to help make you a better golfer. He is very generous with his time and input, plus he tells good stories.

I have taken his short game, putting class and Winter Club and my game has definitely improved.
5.0 star rating 5/26/2015
I’ve had ‘learn to golf’ on my list for a while now and finally made it out to the driving range with Bill’s instruction. Once upon a time I would have gone out with a friend and picked up his bad habits. But somehow I’ve become wiser or have just heard too many golfer stories about what a mountain of frustration the game is to them.

It was hugely helpful to know what I was doing wrong and to have his input on how to fix it.

I worked on one issue for a bit, improved it, and stumbles upon another Bill was able to point out (and eventually starting making my previous mistake again BUT I knew what I was doing wrong and could fix it!). Getting his feedback on what I needed to think about made all the difference in being able to develop a better swing and have a good time out there.

I now have a list of 4 or 5 things that I can cue into and boom!… the ball goes further. Or sometimes I practice it a few more times and THEN boom! The ball goes further.

An excellent start. I would highly recommend.
5.0 star rating 4/8/2015
Bill is the best! He doesn’t try to reinvent you; he takes you where you are and makes you into a better golfer. I like the clinic where you can work on one thing and not get overwhelmed by it all. I have recommended him to a number of people and they all agree he is the best!
5.0 star rating 3/17/2015
First to Review
I go to Bill’s drop-in clinics and get a wealth of information and instruction every time – he’s topnotch! Bill reads my hit and makes immediate adjustments – improvements happen with practice and Bill notices the progress and keeps taking me to the next level. He also has a positive mindset and is always a great resource for all things golf.