I work hard to make sure my students are well educated.  I’ve spent my own money on 3D swing analyzers, video cameras, websites, seminars, certifications and other tools to help my students get a great golf swing education. Your kind words give me great satisfaction and let me know that my efforts are all worthwhile!!

If you would like to send feedback about your lessons, email me at bmykytka@hotmail.com

I love golf, but I love it so much more now that I have taken lessons from you! – Carolyn S.

That one still gets me Carolyn!! Many of my students have said really nice things about my instruction. I don’t think anyone ever said it as eloquently as you did with one sentence! As sincere as your comment was, so is my “Thank You!” – Bill

Hi Bill,
I just wanted to thank you again for the great lesson with the K-Vest last Sunday. I’ve been working on the drills that you gave me and I’m already starting to see an improvement. I played at Palo Alto muni yesterday, and finally got to my goal of breaking 90. I shot an 88 and hit a record number of fairways. I’m feeling a lot more confident off the tee and going for the green. The K-Vest was a big help with that, especially with addressing my setup issues and using my core and hips more.  – “The Mighty Quinn”

I’ve had golf lessons with both 2 Top 5 Golf Digest Golf Instructors. I’ve learned more about my golf swing from Bill! – George Carapiet

Thanks, George!! Coming from you that is quite a compliment!! I hope I have half of your physical abilities, positive attitude, and enthusiasm and pursuit of perfection when I am in my mid-80’s!! – Bill

I’ve taken a quite a few lessons from “Top 50” teachers…I’ve learned more from Bill in a series of 6 lessons than I did with others for months!? Bill has a way of explaining things so well that even I can understand! – Keith B.

Thank you, Keith!!! We certainly made progress in a hurry!! You have natural abilities, I just helped you to understand how to use them. Keep up the great work!! – Bill

I’ve been to a lot of instructors in the Bay area. I think you are the best.- Joe N.

Thanks, Joe!! My wife thinks so too!!! – Bill

What I like about Bill is his teaching style. He doesn’t try to fit me into a swing I can’t handle. He is a good teacher. He makes sure I understand why I am doing something as opposed to just telling me to do it. My swing has improved so much. I continue to send my friends his way. – Bruce H.

Bruce, coming from someone who initially was skeptical about golf instruction, I am flattered by your words! I am excited about your progress! Thanks for your contined hard work (and referrals!!!) – Bill

I always shoot 120. Never lower. Guess what I shot?! 92! (next week) Guess what I shot? 92!! (following week seeing me at the range) Bill guess what I shot yesterday? Bill: 92? No!!! 90!!!! and it’s all because of you!!!
– Singapore native and Stanford intern

Thanks, Doc!! Lowering a score by 30 strokes is definitely not the norm!! The good doctor had natural talents which we uncovered and developed. He did take 30 strokes off of his game…true story! – Bill

Bill, I watched my swing video on your website. It was great to hear your instruction. I learned a bunch. I still am trying to get that swing plane a little more flat. Thanks and I feel that this has been my best instruction ever! – Mark L.

Thanks, Mark! I spend good $$$ each month to offer the video service on my website. Whenever I hear words like yours, I know it is all worth it! Congratulations of your continued improvement! – Bill

It is a blessing and a great opportunity to chose Bill as my coach to show me the path to my goal. It has been a long search and the Lord lead me to Bill. Thanks Bill. – Eru A.

Every night I give thanks for a great life, a great wife and for all my good fortunes. After this testimonial, I have to start thanking the Lord for his referrals!! Nice words, Eru!! Thanks! – Bill

The lesson you gave me yesterday was possibly the most productive ½ hour I’ve ever spent. I went to a driving range last night and am absolutely thrilled by the results. After 30+ years of flying blind, I feel that I finally have a handle on what I need to do to develop my swing into one that will take me to the next level. Thank you so much and I look forward to getting together with you again soon. – Rob E.

Thanks Rob! You weren’t “flying blind” you were swinging with your eyes closed!! – Bill

You can book a lesson with me at Shoreline Golf Links in Mountain View, CA and access my lesson schedule by registering at “Smarter Lessons” here.