Why Bill?


Who is this “ShorelineBill” guy and why should I take lessons from him?

Bill has personally experienced the frustrations of most of his students in trying to achieve a good golf swing. Bill feels having experienced those challenges and knowing what steps he (personally) took to overcome those challenges will greatly benefit all of his students. Bill was born in Golf Digest’s “Worst Golf City in America….” Jersey City, New Jersey. Despite this fact, Bill somehow became a PGA golf professional!!

Why is this important?

Bill was born a gifted baseball player. Baseball came easy to him. He didn’t really have to study, work hard or learn to be a good baseball player. He just did it! As a result, he really couldn’t teach someone how to hit or pitch. He never thought about the processes of hitting or pitching, he was physically able to just do it.

Golf on the other hand was a challenge. Bill was a horrible golfer!! He had to read lots of books, analyze lots of videos, attend lots of seminars, study many methodology’s (and decide what parts of each worked best for him) and teach himself the golf swing! The fact that his first student (himself!) went from being a 14 handicap to a 2 handicap leads him to believe he’s a pretty good teacher and golf instructor!

So why Bill?

  • Bill looks at his students as individuals. All students are different. They come in all shapes and sizes. They all have different goals. They have different ways of learning. Trying to shape every student into the same mold, using the same techniques and same training methods is impractical and harmful to the student.
  • Bill works hard to find out what golf swing works best for the student (one-plane; two-plane; “stack-and-tilt;” or natural golf). Additionally, Bill gets to know the student to find out how they learn best. Bill works with the student to find a golf swing and teaching method that works best for the student. Bill’s lessons are not only educational and hands-on, they are also FUN!
  • Bill has been described as a gregarious individual who can always be found with a smile on his face.
  • Bill graduated in the Top 100 in the nation (out of 4000 graduates) and Top 4 in Northern California from the 2007 PGA/PGM program. He was awarded a $1000 Scholarship from Titleist for his accomplishment.
  • Bill’s education is never ending. Bill is always researching new and better ways to teach his students.
  • Bill is a Titleist Performance Institute “Certified Golf Fitness Instructor.”
  • Bill is a “Certified LAWs Methodology Instructor.” (LAWS stands for Leverage, Arc and Width..three different swing types for people with different size and shaped bodies. Basically, a short stocky golfer does not have the same swing as a tall lanky golfer. These two golfers should not be taught the same golf swing!)
  • Bill was privileged to attend a “Factory Fitting” at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, CA. This is the same club fitting Tour Players receive.


In November 2010, Bill put up his own money to purchase a K-Vest. K-Vest is a 3D swing analyzer that will provide Bill’s student’s with more information than they ever had about their golf swing. K-Vest’s interactive features allow the student to work directly with the system or work with Bill to make the changes necessary to create a repeatable swing.

Most importantly, Bill’s students learn a heck of a lot about the golf swing and show major improvements in their game….

That’s why you should consider taking at least one lesson with Bill!!

You can book a lesson with me at Shoreline Golf Links in Mountain View, CA and access my lesson schedule by registering at “Smarter Lessons” here.