What is TPI Certified?

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The Titliest Performance Institute (TPI) developed a program to train Golf Professionals, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Medical Practitioners to understand the correlation between a golfer’s physical limitations and their swing flaws.

What does that mean?

Do you ever feel that you spend all that time at the range and never get better? Have you gone to a golf instructor, who informed you that you are “not making a good turn” or you are “coming over the top” or “you are swaying or sliding?” Despite your attempts to correct these flaws, you fail miserably.

TPI Certified

With TPI, Bill will perform a 15 minute physical screening which identifies your physical limitations. These physical limitations are some of the reasons you don’t “make a good turn” or you “come over the top” or you “sway or slide.”

By identifying these limitations and providing some easy exercises to eliminate these limitations, correction of the golf swing is now possible. In many cases, it’s not your swing, it’s your body! Fix your body, and you can fix your swing!

Bill Mykytka is now a TPI Certified Fitness Golf Professional

Bill will perform the necessary physical screen to identify physical limitations and provide advise on how to eliminate their affects on your golf swing.

You can book a lesson with me at Shoreline Golf Links in Mountain View, CA and access my lesson schedule by registering at “Smarter Lessons” here.

My certification instructors:

TPI Greg Rose


Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips, PGA stars of The Golf Channel’s Golf Fitness Academy and co-founders of TPI.